Zoomer Dog Review

Zoomer Dog Review For people who are fond of robots and at the same time like dogs, then having a robotic dog can be a whole new experience. The truth is the electronic industry has fallen short when it comes to merging the two in the past. Such a scenario is not hard to imagine since real life dogs are surprising, willful and playful. When you think of a robot, it is an opposite of that. In the past, a robotic dog feels more like a robot than a dog.

Then there is Zoomer, and it is revolutionizing the whole robotic pet industry into a playful one. Zoomer is an interactive robotic pet designed and created by Spin Master. This article is going to serve as a Zoomer dog review. Truth be told Zoomer is a kind of robotic pet dog that you need a firsthand experience to understand it completely.

Zoomer Features:

Does not always obey – in normal circumstances, if your real-life dog does not always obey and responds to your command and hard to control, it would be a bad thing. However, Zoomer is designed to behave like a real dog. Because of this, Zoomer does not always follow your command, and it is not a bad thing! You have to spend time playing and training Zoomer to get him to obey and respond to your commands. Because of this feature, you will experience Zoomer as behaving like a real dog rather than a robotic one.

Learns like a dog – Zoomer is not some robotic pet that you simply program a command, and it will immediately follow and obey. You will need to interact and play with Zoomer. The more you play with Zoomer the more tricks he can learn.

Flexible tail – to make Zoomer behave like a real dog, he comes with a flexible tail. The tail can waggle fully. In fact, if you pay careful attention, you will start to understand how Zoomer “feels” just by observing his tail.

Rotating core – one of the best feature of Zoomer is the rotating core and with it you can teach Zoomer to do a full roll over, a neat feature.
LED eyes – Zoomer comes with LED eyes. It might not be a big thing in the surface. Once you have an experience with Zoomer, the LED eye makes a great deal of difference. For one, you can also tell how Zoomer is “feeling” through watching his eyes.

Tracking capabilities – Zoomer’s programmers are genius. Zoomer has a built in tracking capabilities in order for him to have a distinction between a chair and your kid. He can also follow tennis balls or any balls in general, because of this feature.

Voice command receiver – Zoomer is able to recognize your voice after you have played with for a while. He will be able to obey and respond to your voice or your kids alone. If he does not recognize a voice, he may obey or ignore it, just like a real dog.
Benefits Of Zoomer

One of the major benefits of Zoomer is its like having a dog without the huge responsibilities. He is playful, willful and full of life. However, it does not die on you when you do not feed it. Also, you do not have to worry when it poops because it can’t.
Having Zoomer around will always bring a smile to you or your kids. His optimistic and playful attitude is contagious. He feels different emotions, and you may have to respond to it too. However, most of the time Zoomer is full of personality and acts silly. Even simple commands can make you laugh as it tries its best to follow or respond to it.
The great thing about Zoomer is it does not always respond to your commands. Your kids will develop patience and persistence while interacting with Zoomer, qualities that might prove useful in the later stages of their life.

Wrapping It All Up
All in all, Zoomer is a great robotic pet to have for oneself or your family. If you want to have a dog, but weary of the huge responsibilities, then you can hardly go wrong with Zoomer. One of the best places to get Zoomer is through Amazon.com since they always feature different discounts and deals. Lastly, Christmas is approaching fast, and it is the perfect gift for your kids. Try to get it now and avoid the holiday rush.





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